About The Speaker

Joane Theodule is a powerful, dynamic speaker, life coach, law student, and mentor. She is on a mission to transform lives. Her fast paced authentic style will not only inspire your audience, but will leave them empowered and knowing they can overcome their own personal obstacles.

In the past, Joane has spoken at several venues including high schools, colleges, churches, and group homes, just to name a few.

Your audience will be completely engaged and inspired hearing Joane share how after being sexually and physically abused and hitting rock bottom emotionally, she completely turned her life around and never gave up. She remained focused on her education in order to achieve her goals and improve society. Her own life experiences and the lessons she has learned from them have become the foundation and core philosophy of her initiative which is based on love, compassion and a deep commitment to helping people create a balanced life filled with peace, prosperity and true happiness.

Joane resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. She has a passion for helping immigrants with the bureaucratic immigration process, family law, politics, jogging, God, moving and inspiring others to maximize their full potential.